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Who we are

Dr. Ginger Hunter

B.S. Biology, University of Virginia.

Ph.D. Biology, Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Program, Duke University.

Postdoc research: MRC-LMCB, University College London, and National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Interests: interdisciplinary + collaborative biology, running around outside with my kid, music.

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Spring 2024

Sushmita (IBB PhD), Abby (IBB PhD), Ivy, Tyler, Ciara. Not pictured: Katrina. Fall '23 alums: Mia, Rylee


Spring 2023

Sushmita (IBB PhD), Mia, Tyler, Jacob, Katrina, Caitlin. Not pictured: Rylee, Ivy, and Tedi. Fall '22 alums: Sara and Delaney.


Spring 2022

Adam (MSc), Sushmita (PhD), Ivy, Tyler, Rhiannon, Aboubakar. Not pictured: Fall '21 alum Aidan Cahill.


Summer researchers

Luke (McNair '21), Jennifer (McNair '19), Alan (CUPO '19). Not pictured: Aboubakar (McNair '22) and Audrey (NSF REU '22)



If you are interested in:

Doing exciting research

Exploring careers related to interdisciplinary science

Working as part of a team

Sharpening your bench and quantitative analysis skills

Sharing your interest in science through presentation and teaching

Living in the historic and beautiful District of Columbia


Lab Alumni

Rhiannon Clements

Undergraduate researcher, Honors, Biology B.S. 2022

Rhiannon's work included generating the plasmids needed to make a CRISPR-mediated transgenic fly line. She won many awards at various University-wide research festivals, and presented her work at the Drosophila Annual Meeting. She is currently a research technician at Cornell University

Adam Presser

Graduate student, IB&B MSc 2022

Adam's work focused on how the protein Scabrous contributes to long-range Notch signaling in vivo. He presented this work at the Drosophila Annual Meeting.

Aidan Cahill

Aidan's work focused on structure function studies of Myosin XV during bristle precursor specification.

Undergraduate researcher, Biomolecular Science B.S., 2021

Luke Cowart

McNair Scholar, Summer 2021

Luke is a Chemistry major from Penn State University who joined us for the summer as part of the McNair scholars program. He learned fly work, confocal microscopy and quantitative image analysis, in between camping, hiking and kayaking. Luke's poster won best in his section (Biomedical and Bioscience, Undergraduate) at the end of summer Research and Project Showase (RAPs).

Kaitlin Okun

Kaitlin's work focused on live and fixed markers of Notch signaling during fruit fly embryogenesis.

Undergraduate researcher, Biology B.S. 2020

Alan Sherrod

Undergraduate researcher, Biomolecular Science B.S. 2019

Alan's work quantified the effect of myosin RNAi knockdown on the developing bristle pattern on the fly pupal thorax.

Jennifer Zhumi

McNair Scholar, Summer 2019

Jennifer is a Biochemistry major from Hunter College in New York City who joined us in the summer with the McNair Program: "I had a blast working with Dr. Hunter in the fly genetics lab. This summer, I was able to develop my research, laboratory and scientific writing skills. The project I was working on with Dr. Hunter involved CRISPR/Cas9, which was really exciting. I’m currently on a pre-medical track and this experience has definitely opened up new career-oriented interests for me."

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