Currently open for Fall 2021 admission

We are a new lab that is working on questions in cell and developmental biology. We use tools in fruit fly genetics, microscopy, and quantitative analysis to investigate questions like:

  • How does the changing shape of a cell contribute to a cell’s identity?

  • How does the cell identity affect its ability to change shape?

  • What are the proteins and signals involved in regulating the shape and identity of a cell?

  • How are biological patterns formed?

We are looking for students that have some experience with molecular biology techniques, which may include previous coursework during their undergraduate degree. Previous experience with Drosophila melanogaster is not required. A curious and open mind for scientific challenges is a must!

Clarkson University is a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff located near the Adirondack state park in upstate New York. Our lab values training a diverse group of STEM oriented students in hands-on research and mentoring, experiences that will prepare you for your career in STEM fields.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (TA) involves about 20 hr of work each week (typically TA for 2 lab sections and oversight of grading) and qualifications include good interpersonal skills and good to excellent command of the English language. The yearly stipend can be as much as $25,000 USD and includes a tuition waiver. Health insurance is provided through the Clarkson Plan which is the same for all Clarkson employees. 

Interested students should: 

  1. Contact Dr Ginger Hunter directly. In your introduction email, please include your CV or resume. Email ghunter (at) clarkson (dot) edu.

  2. Plan to apply through the Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Biotechnology graduate program. In your application it is helpful if you can identify Dr Hunter as a potential mentor. The application fee may be waived.

For more information about the IB&B graduate program at Clarkson, visit:


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