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Our group is interested in the development of self-organized biological patterns, which we investigate using genetics, microscopy, and cell biological techniques. 
We are a part of the Department of Biology at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.


Our preprint on Myosin XV has been published in Developmental Biology! See research page for link.

In collaboration with Dr Asante-Asamani (Clarkson Mathematics) we have been awarded a NSF/NIH Joint Initiative for Mathematical Biology grant from the NIH! This award will allow us to collaborate to build multiscale models of Notch signaling during development.


The Hunter Lab has been awarded a 5 year grant from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH). This ESI MIRA will fund our work on the role of cell shape dynamics in cell-cell signaling. We will be hiring at multiple levels soon!



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Contact Us

Office: Science Center 210
Lab: Science Center 113
Office hours: WF 10a-1p

8 Clarkson Ave Box 5805
Potsdam NY 13699

ghunter at clarkson dot edu

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